Friday, June 13, 2014


I always force my nephew into some sort of photo shoot whenever we're together. His mom has a habit of taking less than flattering, poorly positioned photos. Sorry, S, but we know it's true.

So I tell him that this is what we're doing and he plays along. Poor kid. I am totally that kid's Crazy Aunt.

Can you believe he's a freshman? Watch out world... here he comes! I'm so proud of the compassionate, caring, kind, loving, sensitive and energetic man he's becoming. I'm so excited to see where God directs his path! He is going to impact lives for the better.

And, he's over it... hah!

I also need to post a picture of Dardevil for the grandparents.

Today is the full moon and Friday the 13th, but it's also Ben's birthday! Happy 7th Birthday, Benton!!

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