Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend with Dad

The DreamPark was calling our name this weekend. Per usual, Daredevil had a great time. We met the sweetest little guy named Shannon and a set of sweet triplets!

Verona Hometown Days was this weekend. They had rides, fair food, an exotic petting zoo, pony rides and all sorts of fun things.

We saw a wallaby, a toad, a snake, a lizard, an Australian raccoon thing and a tortoise.

I love his expression here... you expect me to touch what????

And, then, he does what he's asked. He touches the slimy snake!

 Daredevil also rode his first pony this weekend! He wasn't completely sure of it, but he didn't mind it too bad either. He kept "neigh"ing as they went round and round.

On Sunday it was expected to rain/storm all day but we decided to brave the zoo anyway. No rain and no crowds! It was great.

Is it tape-ear or tape-ur?

Dino exhibit was still a hit this week.

And then we came home and watched YouTube documentaries on elephants, giraffes, hippos and rhinos. I never knew hippos were so mean. Whoa.

A super fun, chill weekend spent with Dad!

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