Sunday, June 1, 2014

While Dad's Away...

Oh what fun we had while Daddy was away. We missed him like crazy so Daredevil and I kept ourselves busy and spoiled!!! We had a really good time!

He got little prizes nearly everywhere we went. The new Planes - Fire and Rescue toys are out! I know someone who may have gotten a few.. :) We made a special trip to Toys R Us so Daredevil could pick out a new favorite toy!

He got his first ever Speedway Icee -- red and blue mixed!

We had a big party at his preschool! He played, we ate and his got a special book from his teachers at the little ceremony. It was so sweet!

We checked out the new splash pad in Fitchburg! We both prefer it to the one in Middleton. The fence gave Daredevil the boundary he needed to stay in place, even if the fence didn't go around the whole facility. It's also bigger and the Dream Park is close by but far enough that he's not tempted to make a run for it mid-splashing.

Daredevil also got to experience his first ever Sonic Happy Hour! He had a cherry slushie. He liked it so much, he ended up dumping it all over him trying to drink too quickly! :) What a guy!

We also played in the backyard quite a bit. Needless to say, we were filthy, sweaty, dirty, grimy, and all together gross all weekend. Lots of outfit changes, baths, dips in the pool, and heaps of sunscreen!

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