Monday, June 6, 2011

Fireplace -- Before and After

Our fireplace was dingy and nasty... I'm almost embarrassed to show you the before pictures. Oh well, I know I'm going to show them to you so here you go.

Please notice the off-white color of the brick and the beautiful, yet dirty, brass fireplace cover. See how I was trying to hide it altogether? Ugh, I just hated it!

Here's another one.. look right over Oliver to see it.

Now, we cleaned this bad boy... then we painted it bright white... and we attached the new brushed nickel fireplace cover. Now the finish matches the rest of the house. I can't tell you how much it brightens up that corner and ties it in the rest of the house.

We also got new lampshades for the lamps in the room. Still love the lamps but I was over the huge and flimsy lampshades. It was just a few small things that make it feel a lot different.

We just need to find some new fireplace pokers and we'll be good to go. I told J I'd just spray paint them with fire resistant paint but he said no. He said they were still too dirty, especially the brush! Yuck!

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