Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Photo Shoot

Sorry for my delay in posting this week. My parents are in town, I'm participating in my face-to-face sessions for the CDF course I'm in and J has been sick -- allergies/summer cold/chest congestion and dental work! So, I apologize!

Last week while J and Twin were out bowling, the boys and I had some fun with a photo shoot!

Here are my not professional tips to getting a good shot of your favorite furry friend.

1. Keep your camera handy -- you never know when they'll do something extra cute.
2. Get on their level/change your angle -- I chose to get on the floor with them and crawl around behind them. I also like shooting from above them (like standing on a chair above them).
3. Use natural lighting/no flash -- you can capture better expressions and clearer eyes this way. I opened the blinds and curtains and turned off most artificial light in the room.
4. Go outside -- I prefer outside shots of furbabies, but mine go crazy when outside, so I chose to shoot inside this time.

I hate how the TV is coming out of his head, had I rotated, I could've eliminated that.

What are some other tips you have for me?

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