Thursday, June 9, 2011

A John Deere Birthday!

As promised, I wanted to give you a recap of my God-daughter, Aubrey's 3rd Birthday Party. As you know it was a pink John Deere theme and we help it out at the Selmer Farm. Everything turned out just perfect!

This post is a combination of the way my crafts turned out and the hi-lights of the party! This picture is my favorite from the party! Such a sassy expression! The birthday girl is in charge!

Aubrey is showing off her "A" and "3" on the cake table. Cardboard letters from a craft store, 97 cent spray paint from Wal-Mart, she picked out the flowers at the Dollar Tree and we used leftover scraps for the "3." Cheap, easy and it livened up the table!

She's a daddy's girl! I love this picture!

Here's a glimpse of the banner I made for her. It hung on the mantle, above the gift table! I think it turned out really cute and I just free-handed the letters and used leftover fabric from the table cloth. I used plain clothespins to affix the banner to the twine... this might be the simplest banner I've ever made!

She loved the princess doll we got her, Belle, and the doll her cousins got her, Ariel! She kept saying that was all she wanted for her birthday! She kept asking if it was for her and jumping with excitement!

Aubrey sporting her cow-girl hat we decorated to match her party!

The crayons and color pages turned out so cute and everyone was oohing and ahhing over them! A few broke in transit from Wisconsin to Illinois to Indiana, but the majority of them were in perfect colorful condition!

This is a sight I didn't expect to see until her 16th birthday! Yikes... I thought I had 13 years to prepare!

What an awesome birthday filled with love and celebration! It was a great time and Aubrey said she had the Best. Day. Ever! That's really all that matters.

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