Friday, June 3, 2011

A tour of my backyard!

Some people give house tours, but today I'm showing you some of my favorite parts of my backyard. These pictures are all from this morning so please be kind.

Here we go...

Those Adirondack chairs normally have a fire pit in front of them but it is busy waiting to be cleaned.

Our little outdoor eating area is conveniently near the grill! Love my stuffed peppers on the grill! I need a flower on that table. Maybe I'll do that next weekend. I think it'd be a nice touch!

My reading/sunbathing area. My mom also loves this area, too!

The screened-in balcony off the master. The dogs love it, we love it, it is great!

We also have a large shed nestled next to our compost bin and hidden partially by flowers and trees. Sorry, no picture of that!

But the best part of our backyard may be that despite having 3 large dogs, we have minimal dog poo on any given day. That is because...drum roll please... we use the Canine Butler Pet Removal Service! He comes once a week and picks up and disposes of their waste. It has been the best thing ever!! I love being able to run around and play ball without poo being everywhere. We used to clean it up ourselves but it was just one of those tasks that we always dreaded so we always put it off.

I love spending time in my backyard!

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