Monday, June 20, 2011

My first harvest!

I am happy to announce that I harvested from my garden for the first time on Saturday! We harvested some kale, chard and romaine. I had a lot of romaine.. so much that I took some to my in-laws. We'll all be eating organic, home-grown romaine for the next few days.

Freshly harvested food are best in the first 5 days after picking, so I've got a few more days to eat up before I need to go pick some more. It was just unreal... the garden didn't look any thinner after we harvested, than it did before! Crazy! Phin enjoyed the ride to the garden and I just really like the  blurry artistic feel of this picture!

And, because it is almost my 1 year anniversary of being vegetarian, I decided to treat myself to a corn dog! ... A meatless corn dog, but boy was it a good one!! Thank you, Trader Joe's!

Happy Monday!

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