Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Countertops, Anyone?

Since we're getting new flooring, I agreed to NO projects for one year. Well, it was a year from last June, so my year is almost up, but I think J might need another year before undergoing any other major projects. Trust me, I am ready for bead board.

In the meantime, I managed to squeeze in a small project. We remodeled the kitchen last May, but we didn't have enough money for new counter-tops. We re-vamped the floors last May, too, but we knew it was a temporary fix. Since we're now getting new flooring in the kitchen, it's also time for new counter-tops...but we don't have enough saved for a new counter-top to go along with my new floor. Our awesome friends told us about a new paint technique you can apply to your counter-tops to replicate granite. We decided to give it a go. If it's horrible, we'll have to get new counter-tops sooner than later. If it works, we hit the jack-pot.

The 30lb box of goodies arrived yesterday. Can't wait to get started!

My dad is going to take point on this when he gets here this weekend. Fingers crossed that it works out!!

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