Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What a day?!?!

My Monday was a Manic Monday... wooooooo... just another Manic Monday!

I got a coveted spot at the upcoming Whatever Craft Weekend and then had to transfer it to another person right away. Leave it to me to get so excited that I totally forget a very important family event. Regardless, I am so so sad. But I keep reminding myself what a blessed life I live if that is my biggest heartbreak. Plus, I hope it made the day of the woman who took my spot. I am letting myself be mad that I won't be meeting two of my favorite bloggers, Ashley Ann and Meg. Maybe next time... tear*

My online class is up and running in full swing. I'm learning a lot but it is kind of intense...not gonna lie.

I'm planning two, seemingly easy, but VERY time consuming events at work which are eating away at my time.

All I want to do is love on Phin and he wants NOTHING to do with it.

I can't WAIT to see my mom and dad this Saturday. Can't come soon enough.

I want Qdoba, bad, like really bad.

I just bought some pretty awesome shoes for Kenya... waterproof shoes... all black. Pure beauty. You know you want some....

I bought enough OTC drugs for a small nation today.. all in the effort of keeping me healthy and clean while in Africa. I should be prepared!

After two long years of saving, we're finally getting new flooring throughout our entire home. Dark Chocolate Mahogany hard wood for the kitchen, entryway, dining room and upstairs living room... tan/beige carpet everywhere else (except the unfinished laundry area). I'm really looking forward to it. Tonight we went and selected the final colors and got estimates on arrival dates of the flooring. That also means that we've been busy touching up the baseboards and painting the few things that need painted (fireplace, etc). Now we just have to decide how we want to structure the install... days in a row versus spread out.

It's actually darker than this in real life... maybe this is the wrong picture??

I also worked a 10 hr day, which is uncommon for this time of year. It was just a crazy Monday. I really hope today... and the rest of the week...settle down.

Oh -- and we won 2/3 of our volleyball games last week! We're doing great!

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