Monday, June 13, 2011

Love is Sweet Dessert Shower!

My soon-to-be sister-in-law had a lovely shower. It is always nice to see what you've been envisioning in your mind, displayed in real life. I love events! I love love. Perfect!

Since it was dessert themed shower, I coined it: Love is Sweet. I also incorporated flowers and floral prints to nod at the bride's love of and history with flowers. I also incorporated a LOT of yarn to showcase her love of yarn (her favorite place is a yarn store) and her favorite hobby of knitting. So with desserts, yarn and flowers, I went to work. I'm going to show you some finished products!

Everyone could drop off their dessert recipe for the bride (I included the card with the invitation) and pick up a favor when they walked in.

At the same table, they signed in on the shower tree. Each person "leaf"ed their fingerprint as a leaf and then signed their name next to it! I think it turned out really cute. So sorry the picture is so blurry. It doesn't do it justice. I just love this idea and I'll definitely do this again... maybe at a baby shower or something! So cute!

Love is literally sweet! I made a banner with Martha's help for the buffet table. I love all of the beautiful colors on the table!

Here is one of the yarn wreaths in its final glory! I know it's dark, but it was ADORABLE. I wish this picture did it justice!

For the table runners, I made them out of Amy Butler Love Paradise Garden in Midnight. It pulled in the pink and navy of the shower, but also the floral we needed. Centerpieces were made of old copper jello molds and bundt pans filled with peonies in all shades of pink!

The small flower pots are actually filled with dirt pudding and a real flower from Grammy's yard! Don't worry, it was all safe to eat. I'll give you DIY details soon! But aren't they cute? They greeted everyone at their place settings... and the pudding was delicious to boot!

E got a lot of wonderful goodies for her shower, too!

The shower was a success, everyone had a great time and the bride was showered with all sorts of wonderful things for their home. Love is surely sweet!

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