Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY -- Baby Edition

I haven't started DIY-ing for our baby boy just yet, but I have started laying out my plans. There are so many cute and easy DIY things you can do! I'm so excited to begin but I want to have the house and nursery more finished before I start more projects! As my dad says, finish one before you start another!

Without any more fanfare, here we go!

J's old t's are just itching to become these for our baby... like father like son!

No instructions for these giraffe baby rattles, but I think I can swing it on my own! I'll post some DIY instructions if once I do!
 I've already made a few blankets like this... I could totally make one in the shape of an "O" for our baby boy!

I need a tag to hang off of the bins we have in the closet in the nursery. Instead of plain white, I'm going with the gray chevron ones below! Gray is one of our accent colors and I think it is going to look absolutely perfect in there! Bath time, Dinner Time, Snuggle Time, Swaddle Time, Play Time, Story Time, and on and on!

These are sold for a pretty penny in a high-end boutique. Mine might look a little bit more clumsy different, but I'm willing to give it a go! How cute are they?

Homemade burp cloths using pre-folded cloth diapers! I saved some extra fabric from the bedding to make these match the decor, too!

I am so excited to get started on some of these! If I end up being any good at these, I could start making them as gifts!

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