Friday, October 7, 2011

Williams-Sonoma Meet Dollar Tree

I've been seeing these footed hurricanes all over, but of course I don't want to pay the suggested retail price for them! While I was shopping at my favorite store last week, I spotted these...

I thought they'd be perfect to make my own version of this on the cheap.

It's cute, but not worth the $68-$78 price tag. I like my $2 price tag much better!

Anyway, I just removed the tags, washed and dried the pieces before gluing them together. I used Krazy Glue because it was handy but you could use Gorilla Glue or a glue gun if you had that nearby.

Once it dried, I added some filler. In this case, J's favorite treat.

Then I moved it to its permanent location (for the moment).

What can you find at the Dollar Tree? Fill me in!!

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