Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Busy Weekend!

Are you getting sick of hearing about our busy weekends?? Trust me, we're getting sick of living these busy weekends. We enjoy the finished product but not all the work! For instance, J now has a most-likely broken toe, a sore back, a ginormous bruise and cut on the back of his leg, another bruise with bump on the other leg, a injured finger, and many other aches and pains. He says he's accident prone... I know it's because he works at work then comes home to work. Too much work!!

But this coming weekend, we'll get a bit of time to play.

Anyway, this weekend, we made a trek to IKEA. Long day but we got all that we needed... and then some!

I re-arranged the nursery to where the items would most likely go... although I know I'll be tweaking it forever. And, we spent LOTS and LOTS of time working on the downstairs hallway which is now an office.

It started as a dark, unfinished, storage and clutter magnet! J and my dad worked to add two outlets, put up the drywall, sand and prime the walls last weekend.

Then J painted two coats on the wall, installed the floor, added the baseboard, moved and installed the outlet covers. Here he is starting to put together the desk!

So that left Sunday for attempting to put it all back together... I did a bit too much and my body let me know it, too! My right hip was SO sore and it still is. I really need to remember that I'm pregnant and I can't do what I used to. But the room is coming together and is looking great! I still have a bit to do, but for now it is leaps ahead of where it was. And, we have a new functional space to use!

I'll show you some of my favorite things once we get it together a little bit more!

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