Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meant for You?

Do you ever have a day where your faith is tested? Where you worry even though you know God has you safely in His palm? Where you fret and fret over something even though you know that God loves you more than you can possibly imagine... he died for you, afterall... and will carry you through whatever it is?

On those days, do you ever ask for a sign? Just to be re-assured that He is still with you?

Even if you don't ask for a sign, do you ever get the feeling that something that everyone can notice/see/hear/etc was meant just for you to notice/see/hear as a gift from Him? Maybe a gift of reassurance, peace, love, whatever?

I love when I get the feeling that something is meant for me to see. I can almost feel God up there getting so excited for me to see it. Like He can't wait to see my reaction. Can you just imagine it?

Yesterday, for me, was one of those days and God must've thought I needed a lot of reassurance because within a few hours I had several of those moments.

-- For me: a radiant sunset that warmed me to the core and lit up my face and brought me to a place of peace.
-- For J: a shooting star (that even I missed), that he wished upon and thanked God for.
-- For us: our "song" at a poignant moment that reminded us both just how good He is.. all the time.

We are so blessed to have God that is always with us and sharing in our joy and crying in our sorrow. He is always there. He is so good.

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