Friday, October 14, 2011

Vet Visit!

Yesterday was vet day for my youngest two pups! That is always a big day for us... emotionally, physically and financially. Aside from their normal check-up, each of them had something "special" that needed checked.

Thankfully, the vet says that they are OK. But, boy oh boy, when we got home the four of us were pooped and poor Ollie still wanted to play! Thank goodness for Uncle Josh, he played with Ollie until he got tired! (PS: This girl went to bed at 8:15pm. No joke!)

We are planning on tackling the garage this weekend as well as handful of small projects. Twin is going to the outlet malls... while I would love to join, I have other junk that needs done! C'est la vie! What are you doing this weekend?

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