Monday, October 17, 2011

The Wonderful Weekend of Ours

Ok, so wonderful may be a bit of an overstatement! But it kind of was in its own way...

Here's the run-down:
2 IPhone 4S phones picked up from UPS
1 XL teddy bear purchased from Costco
Costco pizza for dinner
1 photo shoot with said teddy bear
2 2hr naps
2 books finished -- The Death Cure and Forever
2 rented movies watched -- Bridesmaids and Horrible Bosses
1 TV movie watched -- Bride Wars
1 trip to the movie theatre -- Real Steel
3 trips to the dump
1 trip to Goodwill
1 re-organized garage (and shed)
1 lawn mowed, raked and winterized
1 snow blower and salt moved into the garage
4 hrs of errands -- grocery store, mall,craft store, book store, etc
A few more Christmas gifts purchased -- almost done!
1 homemade dinner with a good friend
4 bags of Puppy Chow made
2.5 consumed
3 Sonic pops
6 loads of laundry
3 hrs spent tagging, re-hanging and sorting baby clothes
1 hr spent organizing the nursery

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment... well, mainly for my mom! Hi Mom and Dad! Love you!

J's hour wait at UPS while I waited in the warm car!
Twin with no shoes and a giant teddy!
J's new work bench area full of my projects! :)

And, my favorite nephew won the championship game this weekend! So proud of him!

What did you do this weekend?

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