Wednesday, November 27, 2013


As I stare out at the Gulf of Mexico, it's hard to grapple with just how incredible of an experience we just had. 

Not only was it a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, but we got to share it with family and friends. We got time with them - weeks/months - that we wouldn't have had otherwise. What a gift that time together was? We got to share so many new experiences and adventures together. I'm so grateful for Epic, that they value their employees so greatly, that they encourage and reimburse this saabatical of awesomeness. I'm so grateful some family and friends agreed to come visit us. I'm grateful for a husband who works so very hard and finally got a month to play hard! I just feel so blessed for the experience we were given. 

We now have many amigos in Costa Rica and we hope to one day return. We got to know many locals and they us, in return. I'm such a culture vulture that I loved getting to know so many wonderful people. If all people were as kind as Costa Ricans, I think the world might be a better place. 

It is just a real salt of the earth place. Gorgeous and chill. Perfecto. 

Next stop, Houston. 

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