Saturday, November 23, 2013


Today has been a really full, really fun day. Swimming, Condovac, swimming, zipping, lunch at Coco on the beach, delicious food, meeting an awesome (and handsome) "fisherman", buying the fisherman a beer, listening to Norah Jones in the warm sun, playing in the sand, jumping with the waves, meeting awesome Canadian expats (with 3 kiddos and lots of toys), shopping, more shopping, swimming, photos, sunning, playing, dinner with our dear amigos (typico Costa Rican), relaxing, making fun of each other, peeing our pants from laughing so hard.....

It was a fun and busy day. I feel full, sunkissed and blessed. I can't believe we say goodbye to Auntie M tomorrow. It seems like this week has gone by so quickly. But, pura vida. We'll be back in the snow before long!

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