Sunday, November 24, 2013

Back to life, back to reality

My brain is starting to kick back on. I'm desperately trying to relish these last few days of bliss - warm sun, laid back vibe, awesome food, great people, zero responsibility - but I know reality is starting to reign us back in. 

In my brain I've already begun menu planning and filling my calendar. I've even sent out a few reminder emails. I still can't process that we get back, it's Thanksgiving followed immediately by our first holiday celebration. I knew there was a reason we did so much prior to leaving, but still, I'm overwhelmed thinking about it. Elf on the shelf, advent calendar, decorations, last minute gifts.... Ahhh! Reality is coming too fast. I need a nap. 

But what will I do when we have to bundle up to go out and play? Oy! Oh transition back home... Please be easy on us! 

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