Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Costa Rican Tidbits

My mom and I have each showered with a gecko.

Auntie M asked "quanto queso" instead of cuanto cuestan when asking how much something was.

 Daredevil has broken an iPhone, iPad and an iPhone case within a week.

Our house manager said we must text him every day with something....which he said after I asked him if we were the worst guests ever. But he also said we made the best cookies.

My parents get a wake-up call every morning by a bluejay pecking on their window.

Daredevil enjoys swimming on the sand. He bellyflops down and starts swimming in the sand.

Daredevil is used to swimming in his birthday suit. Thank God for a private pool. Lord help us when we get home.

I've jumped in the ocean and the pool fully clothed since we've been here.

My dad feeds Carlos everyday. My MIL and I made the mistake of feeding the bluejays so Mr Tech Guy had to drive them away with a squirt gun.

When we sent our parents on a three hour tour, the van that picked them up lost a muffler on their short ride to the beach.

We signed our parents up for a boat tour without any info, including taking a dinghy to the sailboat further out at sea. They ended up enjoying the tour, but I don't think they would've agreed if they'd know the specifics.

I've been complemented on my Spanish a few times, which is hilarious because I know about 15 phrases. But I'm diligent and I try... so maybe that helps.

My MIL washed a cell phone in the washer.

I got so excited for an hour alone in the pool with a good book that I forgot sunscreen. It could've been much worse but it was a stupid mistake.

I got to watch the Butler game live at Hinkle here at home en Espanol.

I think I like the Disney Junior en Espanol announcer better than the voice at home. Daniel Tiger is on Disney Jr here, along with Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears. Daredevil likes this dude called Zou, too.

I packed an IKEA train set. It has been used A LOT. Hours most days. It has been put together in any and every configuration possible.

Daredevil has learned how to spit, thanks to yours truly. He cracks up when I demonstrate.

Daredevil has a new game he loves to play. It's a combination of hide n'seek, tag and peek-a-boo. He was belly laughing so hard last night he woke up the grandparents. My mom came back downstairs to watch him play because he was laughing so hard.

Daredevil still loves to dance. He likes the reggae music that you hear when we're out. It's funny, though, at restaurant we normally get 80-90's American music.... Debbie Gibson, Barbie Girl, lots of music my dad likes.

Daredevil saw the Gruffalo before bed one night and laughed so hard we downloaded it. Now whenever it comes on he takes his milk and blankie, climbs on the couch, covers himself with his blankie and gets ready to enjoy it. It's based on the book and he LOVES it. It is a 27 minute movie, so perfect for him when we have to travel far or before bed. He just laughs and laughs.

I'm sure there's so much more than I'm forgetting, but I wanted to get some of these little tidbits down so I don't forget them.

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