Saturday, November 16, 2013


 Mr Tech Guy and I zipped a few years ago, so when our parents wanted to zip we said we'd stay with Daredevil. My dad opted out.

My mom, MIL and FIL all set off to zip while we played in the pools with Daredevil and my dad. We had a great time splashing about 3 pools and playing volleyball with our 8 year old friend Lise from Brazil. We also managed to watching "the brave ones" zip two lines. My dad said they must have balls the size of basketballs. I told you my dad was scared of everything.

There were 12 zips for them to pass. My MIL decided to go upside down once, too.

There were a few lines where they had to walk the tightrope.

Here's the obligatory after shot. FIL and Mom both managed to cut themselves on the course. My mom also hurt her shoulder walking the tightrope. My MIL wants to zip on a more challenging course somewhere with more heights. Now I know where my Daredevil gets it.

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