Sunday, November 17, 2013

Auntie M is here!

Our dear Auntie M arrived today!!! We barely got her home before she was in the pool. She was there until sunset.

Here is her first sunset here. Gorg.

We are so excited to have Auntie M here to join our adventure. We're still figuring out tomorrow's plans... or lack thereof. :)

The in-laws made it home safely after a planned overnight in Dallas. Their ride was pretty smooth and they are home safe. Only one souvenir casualty occurred. Not too bad considering all the breakables they had in their bags.


On another note, my hometown suffered mass destruction after a tornado/tornadoes barreled through today. I'm praying for all those that lost their homes and praying for no injuries. A few hours north my MIL and FIL through friend marriage lost their 100+ yr old barn. It is completely destroyed. Thank God that everyone was safe even though they have a lot of damage.

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