Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Arenal Survival

So, E wants the story on how we barely made it out alive. There are actual many reasons I say this. Don't say I didn't warn you...

1. My MIL is allergic to bananas. She licked the top of a banana yogurt before realizing it had bananas in it. 

2. My MIL is also allergic to nuts. She but into a coconut cookie before spitting it out.  

3. I'm allergic to bees. My mom was sitting right next to me and got stung by a bee on her shoulder. It was sore for two days. Thankfully it wasn't me. (Apparently, being allergic to bees also means that I'm allergic to scorpions.)

4. My mom has a bad back and one tumble can result in pain and misalignment for months. While walking up to one of the thermal pool areas, Jared slipped and fell, landing on the corner of some steps. Thank God he wasn't hurt too badly and thank God it wasn't my mom. 

5. My FIL is afraid of heights. While driving to Arenal, one part of the road was either washed out or covered by a mountain/hill of mud. Directly to the right of us was a steep and deep ravine. Our guides just drove right through it. We were all freaking out as you could just feel the car slipping this way and that way. It was so dangerous that we had to come a different was home, which was about an hour longer. Luckily, my daredevil is awesome and he handled it better than the adults. 

6. My father is afraid of everything. We walked around the rainforest for a few hours and encountered poisonous frogs and other dangerous critters, but none of us were "attacked" there, luckily. My dad is still talking about the scorpions he found at our house. 

I'm glad God was watching over us. It could've been a pretty traumatic and tragic day otherwise.

And one little shout-out to my crafty mommas who are out beading tonight. I wish I was there!

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Elaine said...

Oh my goodness! You were not kidding. I am so thankful that everyone is ok! Stay safe!