Thursday, November 21, 2013


Perro. Dog.

Dogs roam free during the day here and then they slowly find their way back home at night. It's really crazy to think about. My pups couldn't survive like that. We see dogs everywhere. Sleeping in the street, running on the beach, meandering through the stores... just living their lives peacefully. Most are very people-friendly and peaceful. I've only seen one dog even bark.

This dog is named Gunto.. at least I think that's what the server said. I thought he said Punta but he cracked up at that. Gunto, Goontwo, something like that. He was the sweetest. calmed little guy. A small Phin. Daredevil took off and walked right up to him, touching his index finger to his nose. Gunto did nothing, just observed. I half expected him to lick his finger, that or bite it. He was the cutest. I would've brought him home if I could.

All these dogs are so sweet, but I'm increasingly yearning to pet them, feed them, snuggle them... I'm getting homesick for my three guys back home. I'm already getting anxious to snuggle them and smell them when I get home. I miss their soft fur and stinky breath. Things only a mom could love.

Another scorpion tonight along with a small fox thing out back. I'm still not so confident with all these new varieties of critters.

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