Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Playa del Coco

Hola mi amigos. Playa del Coco is a few minutes away from our house. It's a lively little beach area. We ventured over there to check it out.

We ate at CocoNuts. It's a bar that an expat bought when he was drunk. Of course we met Dan and his dog, Molly. Dan's the said expat. He's originally from Wisconsin and has lived here for four years. My dad and Dan hit it off  right away. On the lower level, there's a pond with koi fish and turtles. Daredevil kept trying to touch the turtles and he thought they were so cool.                

There are a lot of souvenir-type shops along the way so we looked around a few.

We also walked by the water for a bit before heading back. I think everyone had fun. My mom and I sure love to shop and we could shop at 50 stores all selling the same things and we'd still want to go into the 51st shop. Just the crazy way we are.

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