Friday, November 18, 2011

Car, Shelves and Art?

I wish I had something new and exciting to tell you, or well, to show you, but I really don't. We've been busy getting things all ready for Thanksgiving, so projects have been given the back-burner.

I will say that with the purchase of our new car, we are saying goodbye to one that is dearly loved and has served us well over the past decade. This car could drive from Butler to IU and Butler to ISU on auto-pilot. It knew Indiana like it had an internal Indiana GPS built-in. This car has indeed served us well, but it is time for this car to bless another family!

J got the fun task of working in the cold to clean it out and get it set-up for its new home. I came out to snap the picture and that was about it!

Inside, I have started working on decorating the nursery, bit by tiny bit. Here are some small shelves J just hung up for me.

I can't wait until the artwork arrives from Argentina!!! Eek!! I never thought I would be so excited for artwork!

Have an awesome Friday and a safe weekend!

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