Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our New Office

I know I've already posted about the office transformation here, but now that it is officially finished (except for the cradle sitting on the floor), I figured I could show it to you again but in more detail!

So, here we go. This space used to be a grungy, dark and dingy hallway with studs and shelves and clutter...not much else and really no usable space.

Now, when you first walk in you'll see our IKEA spice rack book shelves for visitors and eventually for our little one. You'll also notice the deer antlers and some artwork I made last year displayed.

 As you turn to the right, you'll notice the real "office" area.

I love having my sewing machine at the ready and plenty of space in that top drawer for sewing items in one and office items in the other. I also have some of my favorite pictures displayed here... wedding photo, art from Norway, BFF pictures, my "praying dog" Goodwill find of a lifetime and the sheep with a wool hat on. It's so fun to be working and see your favorites right in front of you.

And, speaking of favorites, my wooden shoes from Holland have been tucked away in a tupperware box since 2001... yes, 2001!!!! That is a DECADE!!! I decided that I needed to display them for all to see, or at least for me to see, so I did! I let J drill holes in them and screw them to the wall. Since I've only ever worn them in Amsterdam, I doubt I will really ever miss wearing them but I do really love seeing them all the time. What history!

Since this office is really just for J and I, I decided to fill it with things I love. Not only is the space now functional and practical, it also holds a lot of treasures. I love that everything has its place and there is a place for everything!

Now if I could only finish organizing the laundry area!! We all can dream, right??

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