Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas in October!

I wasn't fibbing when I said I started shopping for Christmas in August, I also wasn't fibbing when I said our first Christmas celebration would be in October! I think this post is best shown through pictures.

Opening presents. Cereal for everyone!

Steph got popcorn, too!

The boys loved Christmas time ...

 ...and Christmas presents!

Christmas snuggles!

J is gonna "back that thing up."

 Nick (FINALLY) excited over a non-cereal box gift!

Not-so impressed with a Cisco box... did he honestly think he was getting cereal and an office phone? Come on, now! 

Family posing...

 ... and gaming

 Christmas time in October... (sang to Christmas time in the city... )

Lots of fun. I can't believe Christmas #1 has passed already. This year is just flying by!

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