Friday, November 11, 2011

Just Chalk it Up!

Happy 11/11/11... be sure to make a wish at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm! 

Have you ever started a project but for whatever reason it just dragged ON and ON? Well, this project was "that project" for J and I. We bought an ugly, brass picture frame for $2 at a thrift store in APRIL, yes, APRIL. I wish I had a true before picture... it was hideous!!

Over Memorial Day, J primed it all with a coat of Zinzer 123 primer and gave it it's first and second coat of chalkboard paint. Here it is drying out in the garage over Memorial Day weekend.

Mid-June, we decided to re-visit the project and J painted the frame bright white. It took two coats and it was really damp that weekend so it came inside to dry.

After being inside my house "drying" for almost a month, we took it back to the garage to do some touch up on both the chalkboard and the frame.


At this point the frame was essentially complete, but the question of where to hang it started to come up. I thought about the new guest bedroom downstairs but I wanted more people to see it, so that was a no. Then, since we'd just found out we were pregnant, I thought it would perfect for above the changing table if we had a girl (since it has a feminine quality about it), but we're having a boy. So, back to the drawing board. After many, many nights of J tripping over it in the hallway, the nursery, the guest room, etc, I decided to shuffle some things around and get it hung up!

I chose the wall as soon as you walk in from the garage in our kitchen. The big clock that used to be there got moved across the room. Here is the board primed with chalk. According to the spray can, you have to put chalk all over it, let it set and then wipe it down before you can use it.

Here it is now ready for use in our kitchen!

J is happy it's off the floor, I'm happy because it is done and it has a home and we're most happy that it only cost us $6 (including the frame, paint and chalk). So, this project took us $6 and 7 months to complete, but at least it's finished now!

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