Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Double Trouble

I love when my plans go flying out the window. Ok, so I really don't but I've learned to roll with it, try not to get overwhelmed and just do what I can. 

As we work toward getting ourselves ready to leave, I thought I'd have everything set just so. Perfectly coordinated with my timeline, etc. 

On Friday, in the middle of a play date I was hosting the power went out in half of our house. Long story. Nightmare. Fast forward to today. The power is fixed and back on but our beautiful deck is still in complete disarray. 

Complete wrench in the timeline. 

I'm at the point of surrender. If it doesn't get done, it doesn't get done. I've managed to get 2 bags 98% packed, 2 bags 100% packed and 2 bags 0% packed. We've bought all the last minute things. We're working on getting Daredevil and I healthy again ASAP! Items have been dropped off at friends' houses, library books returned, letters mailed, prescriptions refilled, errands ran, emails sent, last minute lists made, etc. I've done about all I can do. 

I'm praying that even with the hiccups, I don't forget anything too important. At this point I'm adding things as soon as I take other things off. 

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