Thursday, October 10, 2013

Prepping for Halloween

This October, I'm throwing two Halloween parties! One as part of our SW Madison MOMS Club and the other as part of an Usborne Party, or another reason for us moms to get together and have fun while shopping.

I've been prepping for the parties for a month or more. Making decorations, planning menus, gathering goodies, etc!

When buying a few last minute things for the party here at home, we stumbled upon a new section in the Target Halloween aisles. You have got to run to check these out. Daredevil and I could not stop laughing. I think we had a fashion show with every single option they had.

Daredevil really thought I was a hoot. Like his shirt?

If only there weren't so expensive, I think we'd have brought one home just for dress up or a photo prop. They were really quite something.

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Elaine said...

The pink curly one makes me want to sing "Beauty School Dropout!" How fun!