Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Last week I had three moms nights out, then over the weekend I had a glass blowing class and a quick trip to see my in-laws. Can you say spoiled?

Book club, craft night and moms night out through Madison Moms Blog were the MNOs. We read Ender's Game for Book Club this month and at craft night we painted pumpkins, made thank you cards and button rings.

Then I had dinner by myself (awesome) prior to the Madison Moms Blog Night Out. It was held at Patty Cakes Boutique. Massages, make-up and hair touch-ups, photo booth, organic snacks, wine, friends and give-aways! Plus, there were so many cute things at Patty Cakes Boutique. I could've done some damage -- and I probably would have -- if I had a girl.

After Daredevil's sport class on Saturday, I FINALLY got to go to Confectionique. I've been attempting to fit it into my schedule for months and it finally worked out. It is so up my alley. Crafty things, french things, old things. I loved it!

This guy had to come home with me. I think his mustache did it for me.

Sunday was our weekly breakfast followed by early church.

Then Julie and I attended the glass blowing class at The Vinery.

 I've wanted to try glass blowing for years and it finally worked out that I could. Trust me, I'm not going to become a professional glass blower, but I wan't half bad. Once you get the hang out how hot to get the class and how to manipulate it properly (so you don't push it too hard or not enough, etc), you get into a groove. It took me a few tries to figure out the proper finesse but I had so much fun!

Not only did I get all that but I also got an hour nap on Sunday afternoon with all three pups and Mr Tech Guy finished up all the laundry.

So spoiled!

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