Sunday, October 27, 2013

Playroom Reveal

The playroom is finished. Daredevil loves it. He's loved it since his toys got moved in there, but he really loves it now that there are places to play, explore and learn.

I thought I'd share some pictures of our new space. 

Welcome to Daredevil's favorite space!

Daredevil's measuring stick growth chart is tucked in there as well. 

The room has a large magnetic chalkboard wall. I'm sure it will get more use in the future. Right now we pick out animals and look at letters on the wall. I'm hoping to do some chalk art up there sometime but it has yet to happen. 

There's actually a felt numbers banner up there now, but this is largely what the back wall looks like. 

Daredevil's art paper is attached to the bookshelf so we can easily get to it.

Daredevil loves to play on the magnetic "road" on the wall. He vrooms, booms and beeps his way along the road.  There is a lot of traffic right now. 

More storage for all those toys. Gee-whiz... And I'm certain my pregnant self said he would have few few few toys. As in a few. Like a handful. Not two rooms full. Oy! 

And a tiny space to hang up anything as needed. 

All in all we love the space- especially that it's basically done. Daredevil wants to play in there for hours a day. The other day he was down there playing with Twin for nearly two hours. I thought I'd hit the lottery! 


KoPogo said...

That is such an awesome playroom!!! Where did you get the USA map? it is so beautiful :)

Danielle said...

We found it at Hobby Lobby -- on sale for $29! Good luck finding one. They've been hit or miss.

Katie said...

What a nice and organized play room!! I totally relate to the pregnant me saying "we won't have that many toys!" You probably won't mind them now you have them organized. I need to break down and buy some of those shelves :)