Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Family Photos

I love pictures in general. Family photos and photos of my Daredevil specifically.

The problem for me is figuring out what to put everyone in. Does anyone else have this problem? Ugh. I tell you. There are times I've bought all new outfits. Times I've used things we've had except maybe for a few small accents. Times I've been super ahead of the game and prepared. Times I've thrown stuff together the day of.

I always have a plethora of cute outfits to choose from for Daredevil. My husband is easy enough as he only has a types of outfits, if you know what I mean. I have things I like, but I have a hard time putting it together. To have enough color/texture/coordination but not too much, you know? And, for outdoor at this time of year do you go toward fall or winter?

Yes, I've scoured Pinterest, checking photogs sites, looked at some magazines (anyone else a lover of Click out there?) and just brainstormed. Either way, I've got nothing. Literally. I know I'm wearing leggins and boots and Daredevil and Mr Tech Guy will be in jeans. That's all I have so far.

Does anyone have any tips or advice? I'm game for anything. Our pictures are on Sunday morning and I've yet to nail down outfits.

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