Thursday, October 3, 2013

Far Out, Brussel Sprout

 This post is really a two parter.

1. Our gardening days are over for the season. I didn't plant any fall veggies and we went out last weekend and got rid of everything that was still there so it's ready for them to till up at the end of the month.

2. I found this shirt at the Dollar Tree for $1 (duh, obv) and my awesome awesome MIL by friend-marriage totally put this fun saying on it for us. How fun is that. I love my Daredevil in fun shirts.

2 Cont. She really needs to open her own business. She's awesome.

1 Cont. And I'm already planning my garden (for home) for next spring!!!! I'm so looking forward to my garden being here at home. After 6 years, it will be a reality!!

And, ok, I lied, maybe 3 parter...

3. We already put up all our deck gear and winterized the house. Boo. We're enjoying the wide open deck but I can't believe its really time for all that. Jeez, summer's truly over. Already? It's October??? Say, what???

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