Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Family Photos

I decided to just raid our closets for our photo shoot.

I started with me and what I'd be wearing. I knew I wanted leggings, boots and a dress of some sort.

Once I picked out my basic outfit, I picked out the guys' outfits and laid them out. I made sure to layer each of them.

Then I used the colors I'd picked for them to figure out my layer and my accessories.

I think it turned out pretty nice.

It doesn't hurt that my friend, Kim, is an awesome photographer. I'm amazed at how many incredible shots she got in 20 minutes!! Look at my little Linus and his blankie.

My advice on outfits...

1. Layer, layer, layer - layer colors and textures
2. Have a bright colored piece of "flair" on at least one person
3. Pick something that you feel good in
4. Coordinate but don't match
5. Bring important props -- I brought Daredevil's blankie and a favorite quilt to sit on for our pictures

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