Monday, October 7, 2013

Santa's Workshop

This weekend was for the birds. For real. Daredevil's bring-a-friend to sport class day got cancelled at the last minute. The fall festival we were going to attend got cancelled due to inclement weather (that never actually occurred). I arrived late to a friend's Pampered Chef party. The item I was in search of at Kohl's had gone up in price. I couldn't find a new outfit for family photos. And on and on and on. Then Daredevil stayed up last night until 2:30 AM.

Like I said, this weekend was for the birds.

I did work on getting a lot of Christmas gifts wrapped and organized. My dining room and guest bedroom look like Santa's workshop.

 And he was dressed so cute for our family photos yesterday. He wasn't too impressed at this point, but it was too funny not to post.

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