Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Baby Shower -- the Madison Version!

My MIL and sisters-in-law threw us a baby shower in Madison. It was a small gathering of some of our closest friends in Madison and it was a laid back and fabulous time!

Some of the set-up crew!

Here we are... the guests of honor!

The cake and decorations! I love the pictures of us at birth with our moms, I can't wait to get a picture of me with Owen!

The favors all the way from Naperville, IL! The cookie in the back has Owen's initials listed... it was too cute to eat! I loved them, Court!

 My MIL ready with the game... she should've been a school teacher! :)

I love how I look so excited to start opening!

J couldn't wait to try out the bath towel! I loved opening an infamous Bren/Rinzel gift basket! Our first one!!

 What a great time with great friends!

My work friends, our old dog sitter and a special woman I met through church!
My college roommate and sorority sister!
My wonderful Life Group friends!

Our cup runneth over... we are so blessed! Thanks to everyone for making this day so special!

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