Friday, December 16, 2011

Edible Gift Idea!

Ever looking for a quick, in-expensive but yummy treat for someone? I needed something for my co-workers. Last year I had them all a re-usable bag made with their name embroidered on it. It was a hit but I needed something equally unique and equally inexpensive.

I saw an idea on Pinterest to make fudge inside of a cookie cutter and give that as a gift. Here is the direct info from Ms Betty Crocker herself! Isn't it cute?

I thought about making it but I was worried that it would be too much for one person to eat (I got HUGE cookie cutters).

We had to make soup and a dessert for college kids (lots of college kids) so we made rice krispie treats with sprinkles for them. When we did, we thought, why don't we make these in the cookie cutters for my co-workers, too? So we did! Only he put green food coloring in theirs to make them more special! Here is our giant stack of rice krispie treats. There were a few more pans but they aren't shown.

Here is our food for the college kids... I hope they like it today at Study Day!

Anyway, so we made the green rice krispie treats with red sprinkles. Then we started using the cookie cutters to cut out the treats.

Once all of the cookie cutters were fillled, I put them in an airtight ziplock bag to keep them fresh! I also found a sandwich bag tag (which I love to use, BTW) here or here. I printed them out on a thick white cardstock and went to town.

I cut out the tags, folded them in half, wrote a quick message on the back and stapled it to the bag!

Viola! Cheap, easy, inexpensive and delicious! Plus, I always try to give mine out a bit early before everyone gets bombarded with gifts next week!

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