Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Recap

Good morning, world! I have so much to show you but I forgot to email or upload the pictures for today! Whoops! The dogs got stockings from NeNe and Grandpaw for Christmas. We've let them go nuts with is really interesting to see what toy each pup favors. B likes the actual plastic stockings and the rope toys, O likes the footballs and the red plush dog bones that squeak and P likes the white stuffed dogs and the red plush dog bones (both that squeak).

I promise the nursery is thisclose to being done! It looks so cute and we are finally getting things organized. The newborn class on Saturday was helpful but nothing like those first few days with Aiden, he was my crash course. :)  J is worried about our guy getting a sucking blister, of all things! I'm having nightmares about needing to pack a diaper bag and me not knowing what should go in there... so in real life, I've started packing the diaper bag.  Our baby photography plan has been submitted to the photographer and we're ready to get the maternity pictures scheduled.

We got a tiny bit of snow overnight from Friday to Saturday so on Saturday evening we went to get hot cocoa and look at the Christmas lights around town. I think everyone had that idea as the line was crazy to get into the park!

But I'm glad we did it. We both commented how we can't wait to take little guy next year. J said he hopes he has my imagination. I loved the puppy dog display and the airplane display.

I'm volunteering tonight at a big party for the Boys and Girls Club of Madison. It should be fun as long as I'm not too exhausted. We shall see!

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