Monday, December 12, 2011

A Shower for Baby!

Last week some wonderful co-workers hosted a baby shower for J and I. It was a lot of fun! Everything they made for lunch was vegetarian and so delicious!

Here are the decorations that my friend and co-worker, Julie, made!

Judy was the organizer (left) and Ann (right) planned the game and activity!

Here we are!

Look at how cute everything was!

And here's Julie with more decorations... she made those baby blocks out of cardboard and paper! I LOVE them!

We got so many nice things and we had a great time!

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Jessica said...

Aww looks like your shower was a success! I love the closeline idea, very cute! Just read your comment about the anthro letters - I love that you wanted the big ones for $98 each... I thought I was crazy for wanting those too!! :) Can not wait to see the ones you made once you hang them!