Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Benton -- the Swimmer

My Benton, that little guy does all sorts of things whether he wants to or not. His latest adventure was in water aerobics. Since Baby Boy is on the way, we thought trying out something that may wear him out a bit once the new baby is here and the temps are frigid (so no playing ball outside).

Yesterday was his first time in the water. They tried and tried to get him to get in the pool, but after getting the life jacket on he was just too scared. So, onto the water treadmill. He was still a bit nervous in there and he kept trying to break out (because he figured out how to open the door handle... go figure) but I think a few more visits and he'll be a pro.

Regardless of his nervousness, I think we achieved our goal. See for yourself.

Before... a bit nervous.
After... a bit damp, but laid back and happy.

Hopefully next week I'll have some shots of him in the pool chasing some balls!

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