Saturday, March 23, 2013


Arizona is great. Low 90's every day and sun sun sun. It's in the 80's by 10am until 10pm.

We play the day away. In the pool, in the park, on the porch, in the wagon... and so it goes. You get the drift. Daredevil loves it all, the sun, the water, the food, the attention... he loves it. But he does miss his Daddy. He'll walk around the house saying Dada, dada, dada as he looks for him.

It is so easy to fall into lazy, relaxing days with long naps with my little guy and reading in the sun, eating on the porch. I love when you go "home" and you get that complete sense of being cared for. I love that even as I near the big 3-0 my mom still is that..does that for me... she makes me feel so at peace, so loved, so cared for. I truly hope that I can be that for Daredevil all his life. His safe place to land, his place to rest and be cared for.

But we are really just being lazy, spending too much money, getting a little too dirty, sleeping a little too much and eating way to much popcorn! It. is. fantastic. I can't wait til some awesome people arrive in one sleep!!!

Enjoy your weekend!

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