Friday, March 8, 2013

Diaper Bag Help -- Spring 2013!

Please note: Sorry for the delay in the post. I forgot to schedule it when I wrote it last night and then the day got away from me. 


I am in need of some suggestions for a great diaper bag for spring and summer 2013. I am forever obsessed with bags (and blankets, but that's another post) and I'm in the mood for something new and fresh for the new season.

Let me first show you what bags we've used in 2012.

The Dad Bag - this bag was perfect for winter with an infant and for dad anytime. But as Daredevil grew, so did the size of his things and only the necessities fit well in here. So this became the dad bag, for when Daddy and Daredevil go out alone. It works great for that and the basics are always inside. Plus, it's masculine and easy to carry to boot.

The Big/Everything Bag - this is my go to bag for traveling (especially for flights) because there is a spot for everything and there is a zipper on top to secure everything that's overflowing necessary inside.  However, too many bottles and sippy cups have been spilled inside leaving it stained no matter how I attempt to clean it.

The Hands-free - I loved using my Petunia Pickle Bottom. I used it a lot in the summer because he only wanted to be worn regardless of where we were (zoo, mall, grocery, church, etc). Strollers? What are those? (Luckily, he's better now). So anyway, I'd wear the PPB as a backpack, strap Daredevil in the Ergo on my front and still have hands free for important things (like paying for things, taking pictures and finding his teether). Overall it was a really good bag.

And what bags we are currently using... yes, bag(s)...

The Purse - love it so far, but usually I just use a small clutch thrown into the diaper bag (see below).

The Diaper Bag - fits a lot less than the PPB and the Coach above but since Daredevil requires less to be entertained, the bag is primarily back to basics now.

The Camera Bag  - this bag doesn't usually go out with me but it holds my precious camera equipment. It is built for cameras and lenses. I love that they have a safe place to reside, and I always know where everything is.

So, have you seen any neat bags lately? The only requirement is that I want a side pocket for his sippy cup. I do not want a backpack. A plus would be if it could go cross-body and on the shoulder. I'm thinking about a new Vera or another Coach bag, but I just don't seem to find any anywhere that seem to be just right. If you have seen any, please please please let me know.

And because no post is complete without a picture of my Daredevil. Here he is playing at the library!

Have a fantastic weekend! I'm praying that Monday finds my family healthy as a horse!!

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MrsCoach said...

This is a GREAT new bag from VERA, I haven't bought it yet, waiting for the spring sale, but Vera Bradley has a whole new line of baby items that I got to try in advance at our VB store in Milwaukee. It was really nice, and I'm a big VB fan since it's Indiana made :)