Friday, March 1, 2013


A new month, a fresh month, the first month of Spring. What better than a fresh blog design and a fresh post?

It has been too long since I've posted, so it's about time! A lot has gone on, as you can imagine. I'll try to fill you in on the important stuff, but for the most part, I'm jumping in right where we are! My son will now be named Daredevil for blogging purposes, and my husband will be referred to as The Tech Guy. I decided that they needed code names in case I become widely famous!

Daredevil is now 13 months old, 99% in height and weight (nearly 3 feet tall!), walking, saying 3-5 words consistently and learning new tricks every day. His nickname is Daredevil because he is fearless! He likes climbing, jumping off of things, falling off things, etc. If there is something that is "rough" for a kid his age, then you can bet that it isn't rough enough for this kid. At music class, the other moms look at me like I'm crazy but it's what it takes to keep him entertained. But, seriously, he is awesome. He is independent, assertive, energetic, loud, funny and oh-so-sweet. I'm still seriously so smitten with him, even now 13 months in. He loves swimming, dancing, playing (especially with others at playgrounds), watching Mickey and exploring. Even his great-uncle Dan commented how inquisitive his is... always learning, inspecting, etc. His favorite foods are sweet potatoes and carrots.

Mr Tech Guy is still great as ever. Even when work is busy, he makes time for us. I still can't believe how lucky I got when we fell in love. He is an awesome husband and dad. Daredevil keeps Mr Tech Guy on his toes though. They have  A LOT in common, so sometimes they butt heads. I can't imagine when Daredevil is a teen! Oh the fun we'll have.

I'm doing well. I'm gathering up a great network of friends and moms. I'm really enjoying spending time at home with Daredevil. Every day I learn so many new things about him. Believe it or not, I've starting cooking lunch and dinner on average 5-6 times per week each. That's a big shift for us, especially for lunch. I actually love it. I'm big into meal planning, grocery shopping every Sunday for the week and sticking to our menu. I even account for gatherings and parties so that I don't leave anything out on the menu. I'm also following the Fly Lady again. I followed her when I was getting my MBA in Indy. She helps you get your house in order by cleaning every day, 15 minutes at a time. I love her! Since Daredevil is everywhere, all the time, I don't want to be cleaning all the time so this way I seem to have more time to play or take him to activities. I started Zumba and I really enjoy it as well. Sometimes I get lost but I feel like I'm finally getting my Zumba groove! We've spent two weeks in Arizona this winter and we'll be returning for two more weeks here in a few weeks. Daredevil and I are looking forward to it. Mr Tech Guy has to stay behind.

I'll be posting every weekday as best I can, officially kicking off next Monday! I'll have some new tips and tricks in store, too! If there is anything you'd like to know more about or questions you have, let me know.

I'll leave you with a sweet video of Daredevil.


MrsCoach said...

Great to see you back!! We'll have to have a "mommy" playdate sometime soon. We are in Madison much more often now with the little one. LOVE your blog. Daredevil is adorable. Glad you're well.

Elaine said...

I'm so glad you're back!! I just love reading what you guys are up to :) The names are super cute, and fitting! How did you find the fancy Blogger template? I'm trying to redesign mine, and I can't find the special ones that used to be out there.

Have fun at Zumba! I've been thinking about starting it up again. One of my friends at work teaches at another work campus. It's so much fun!