Monday, March 4, 2013

The Proof is in the Puddin'

Our Daredevil took his first steps at 11 months but he never actually "walked" until 13 months... to the day!

Since nearly our entire family lives out of state, no one believed us, so proof was required. Even Gammy said that if there's no footage, it didn't happen.

So here you go interweb users... the proof for your puddin'!

Now he's walking EVERYWHERE. I thought he was into everything when he crawled, but now he's really into everything because he's three feet tall and can reach a whole lot more than before!! YIKES. A whole new round of baby proofing has commenced.

When did your little one start walking? I hear second babes tend to walk sooner, but I think it always just depends on the kiddo!

We're celebrating St Patrick's Day around these parts and gearing up for Easter. Stay tuned!

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