Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Surviving the Red Eye

We made it. Red eye MKE to PHX. Departed 10:45, landed 1:35... that is 3:35 our time/central time! We didn't get back to my parents' home until 4 our time, 2 local time!

I need to document a few things about the crazy adventure. (Keep in mind this is Owen's 9th flight and second solo flight with mama so he's pretty good with airports, strangers and adventure).

1. When your stroller does flying down the security line until it crashes (with everything in it) because you are carrying a baby who will not walk or sit in the stroller, nice people will come to your rescue. You're flying solo with a baby after all.

2. When your son strides up the Harvard Women's LaCrosse team, flashes a flirty smile and then steals their orange, just apologize and laugh it off. Thank God that he's cute and charming.

3. When MKE has a children play area, again, thank God.

4. When people think his drunken sailor moves throughout the entire concourse are cute, even when he blocks people and attempts to steal their straws from their drinks, just apologize and laugh it off. Thank God that he's cute and charming.

5. When your child screams at the top of his lungs because you retrieve him from the KITCHEN of the airport Chili's, wonder why the kitchen door to Chili's is open anyway!!!

6. When your son sleeps on the guy's leg next to you on the plane and/or rubs the guys arm while watching Mickey, just thank God that he's a father of three and takes the time to sing Mickey Mouse to him, tickle his toes and zip up his cooler bag. There are angels everywhere.

After all that excitement, it's no wonder why today has been a blur. It has been nice to have a lazy day for us to catch up on sleep, and let Daredevil get re-connected with his Gammy and Gampa and to re-discover their house and yard.

More later!

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