Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Garden Planning!

What better thing to do when it is blizzarding outside than to snuggle up inside with a cup of french vanilla cappuccino and a special little guy for some extra special playtime?

Since this momma is still sick, Daredevil got to help me do everything. He helped me make breakfast, lunch and dinner, unload and reload the dishwasher, make the bed, sort laundry, fold laundry, etc. He is such a big boy helper! We also played in his ball pit a lot, his "farm" a lot and read lots of fun books... especially his new Pony book. Mr Tech Guy couldn't wait to give it to him (Thanks, Laura).  Not gonna lie we also chilled on the couch and watched Mickey a couple of times so I could rest.

In addition to all this, I started thinking about what we should plant in our garden this year. So far, every year I've gardened, I've planted a lot so that when everything is ful grown I can barely get to it all. This year, my goal is to space out them more and grow veggies that Daredevil will eat even though they may be expensive at the supermarket or in our CSA boxes frequently. I've heard tastebuds change around 18 months and I want to desperately keep my Daredevil eating a variety of fruits and veggies. I've also read that kids who help garden or grow their own food has a better interest in eating said food. So hopefully, instead of just growing what's pricey in stores, by making things that Daredevil likes to eat and eats a lot of, he will continue to love veggies past the big 18 month hurdle!

Question for you guys: What purple veggie should we grow this year? I've grown purple beans, bell peppers, cauliflower and tomatoes in the past. I'm thinking radishes or beets? Anything else that we should do? I want to show Daredevil all the colors of the rainbow in what we grow but I don't know about the purple. Got any ideas for me that I'm forgetting?

So, anyway, I chose to garden at a community plot (10x10) that we are given through Mr Tech Guy's company. It is awesome! They provide the water, the compost (that we contribute to), hay, tools (but I usually bring my own) and other things I'm forgetting. You can set up your plot anyway you want. Each year I do this, I get better and learn new tricks. This year I'm trying a new way to stake up my peas and beans that will hopefully spread them out a bit and make it easier to harvest them. I'm also trying new tomato stakes that will hopefully support my big beefs better. Another thing I'm working on it spreading the produce farther apart so that even during harvest Daredevil can get in there with me to help me pick our yummies.

I just learned that my good friend M and her family will be getting a plot, too, so that'll be fun to go out there together and let the kids run while we work. Or swap watering duties here and there this summer. I'm excited!

It was definitely a reminder that Spring is around the corner and I enjoyed dreaming of the warm sun and the muddy soil! Can't wait to start planting. Root veggies go in in early April!!


Elaine said...

Come on Spring and Summer! I am desperately awaiting the return of our outdoor farmer's market and veggie boxes! I can't wait until N and I have a yard to garden. I'll definitely enlist your experience!

For purple veggies, I'm a big fan of dragon beans (they lose the purple hue when cooked, though), purple cauliflower and bell peppers. But really, you can't go wrong, unless it's eggplant. ;)

Nathan said...

Purple veggies: go for the cauliflower, peppers, or eggplant.

I'll take any leftovers/extras you have :)