Monday, October 20, 2008

The Art of Threading.

This post is way overdue but I thought of it as I was walking to work this morning so I thought I should still share it with you.

Well, it was the day of my mom's 60th birthday party. I needed to get an eyebrow wax, which I frequently get. Anyway, my mom suggested threading and she assured me that you barely even notice that the woman is doing anything. She just spins the thread in between her fingers and mouth and it moves so quickly that you don't have time to feel anything. Long story short, I agreed to go. I went ahead and had her do my whole face so that I wouldn't have any face hair fuzz anywhere. I wait as my mom gets done and then its my turn...

The MOST PAINFUL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! I was in tears and the problem with the threading is that it just keeps going. Waxing is so quick, although the arch may not be as perfect, it is instantaneous. The threading took easily 10-15 minutes for everything and I promise you it just keep getting worse. In between pieces of thread she would dab my eyes with a cotton ball so my tears wouldn't slip down my cheeks. It wasn't like I was crying but that my body was producing tears in my eyes constantly due to the pain and the length of time it took. The worst were the itty-bitty hairs right around the lip/mouth area... OH MY!

Anyway, it's going to take a lot before I thread again... I may just be a wax kind of girl. Sacrifice the arch for the lesser of two evils!

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